RF 02.8 - Ring glossy with fingerprint

RF 02.8?Ring glossy with fingerprint
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RF 02.8

The fingerprint motifs on Atlantis Memorials jewellery are engraved by means of digital printing. A laser is used to engrave the fingerprint image deeply on the jewel, which gives a very high-quality result. A layer of silver or gold plating then is applied as finishing touch.


Atlantis Memorials jewellery is fashioned from premium-quality Sterling silver 925, which means that it has a minimum silver content of 92.5%, the remaining 7.5% being a strengthening alloy of other metals.


All jewellery with fingerprints can also be supplied in yellow and white gold. The zirconium stones in these pieces will be replaced with real diamonds. Since the fingerprint jewellery are made upon order, the delivery time of these products is 4 to 6 weeks.

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