Bio Containers. Boxes of 18 **NOW AVAILABLE

Bio container - Burgundy boxes of 18 only
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Bio Containers.
The Bio-container has all the functional benefits of the HDPE Polytainer but with the added benefit of being completely biodegradable. The Bio-container can degrade in 9 months – 5 years depending on whether it’s sent to landfill, buried in the ground or composted. Capacity 4.67 litres (285 Cu inches) - Height: 260mm Diam: 160mm Opening: 100mm The Bio- container’s shelf life is indefinite and it requires no special handling. Where will the Bio- container biodegrade? • In landfills • Compost (garden as well as commercial facilities) • Buried in the ground Where won’t it degrade? • Warehouses / Offices and Homes • Store rooms and shelves
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